I'm currently an undergraduate studying computer science and economics. I'm passionate about using technology to solve real problems, and I love learning new things that help me approach problems in unique ways. As a result, I always have at least one active side project and am in the process of learning at least one new thing, be it a programming language, framework, or something else entirely! When I'm not building something I can usually be found watching terrible movies or enjoying a cup of tea.


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     —    4 years

    Brown University, GPA: 3.93 / 4.0

    • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • Computer Systems
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Algorithmic Game Theory
    • Computer Graphics
    • Programming Languages


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    , Software Development Intern

     —    3 months

    • Backend infrastructure intern on the warehouse data insights team
    • Developed a service to store and expose data warehouse dependency information in a graph database
    • Optimized service until it was capable of ingesting over half a billion records in about an hour
    • Service enabled flexible and efficient querying of dependency data via the Cypher query language by interested users such as data scientists
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    , Software Development Intern

     —    2 months

    • Solved bugs and built features in the internal CRM used by over 500 salespeople
    • Built an administration tool from scratch to manage the types of available tour customizations
    • Independently built an auditor to draw insights into the customizations customers requested
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    , Teaching Assistant

     —    3 years

    • Teaching assistant for Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science (Fall 2016), Introduction to Software Engineering (Spring 2017), and Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2017, 2018)
    • Head teaching assistant for AI (Fall 2018): lead 14 other students in updating and running the course
    • Created and updated assignments for classes with a cumulative 385 students
    • Guided and mentored students through these assignments on a weekly basis
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    , Technical Intern

     —    3 months

    • Web development intern for Rhode Island's Office of Digital Excellence
    • Sole developer of GetOutdoorsRI, a website that encourages Rhode Islanders to explore local parks
    • Project commissioned by the Rhode Island governor
    • Built on a Drupal site originally developed by the state of Missouri
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    , Software Developer

     —    4 months

    • Third software developer for a startup focused on digitizing the K-12 experience
    • Solved bugs and built features in SchoolBee's web directory software, which is used by over 3700 students and their families
    • Developed an automated view system to improve the speed of reads from a Mongo database


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     —    2 years

    • Took over development of a website used to keep track of help queues at TA hours
    • Reduced downtime incidents from up to ten per semester to zero
    • Used by the majority of Brown CS courses and over 200 students every semester
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     —    2 months

    • Independently built proof-of-concept cloud storage website that combined the usability of Dropbox with the security of file sharding and end-to-end encryption
    • Files were sharded across a network of users' machines using Storj
    • Participated in Breakthrough-Lab, a summer entrepreneurship program at Brown University


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    Eagle Scout

    Awarded on: 

    Led volunteers in mapping several local cemeteries; only awarded to 5% of Boy Scouts